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Advocacy on Behalf of Our Businesses

Public policy significantly impacts businesses and their ability to operate. The St. Mary’s County Chamber strives to provide proactive leadership on legislative and economic development issues, by advocating at the state, local, and federal levels for business-friendly policies. Throughout the year, the Chamber and its members will meet with and testify before legislators and government leaders, to ensure that our issues are effectively communicated.

Advocacy happens not only legislatively, but also by looking out for our community, businesses, and neighbors. When an issue or situation arises that keep our members from successfully doing business, the Chamber reaches out to the appropriate government officials to help resolve the problem. If we can’t help, we will find someone who can.

Get Involved with Our Legislative Efforts

If you have an interest in supporting the Chamber’s efforts to advocate for the betterment of St. Mary’s County, join the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee. We meet bi-weekly on zoom during the Annapolis session and on an as-needed basis during the rest of the year. Subject matter experts in the membership (real estate, taxes, employment/HR) provide their expertise and at times write testimony or testify in Annapolis on behalf of the Chamber. This committee plans the mid-session and post-session reviews with our delegation, and the State of the County review with our local County Commissioners. Additionally, we meet periodically with our federal elected officials and provide information to and from our membership.

General Assembly Session (Annapolis)

During the General Assembly session, on behalf of the Chamber, the Legislative Committee reviews bills by title to identify those that appear to have a relationship or impact on business. Of those, a subset are reviewed by bill synopsis and assigned full reading and analysis with discussion in Committee bi-weekly meetings. The Committee may recommend a position of support, opposition, or no action at this time. Bills opposed are determined to have a detrimental impact or cost on business. Bills supported were determined to have a positive or beneficial effect on business. Bills determined to narrowly affect a specific business or type of business may be sent as alerts to members, though no position is being taken at that time. The Committee recommendations are referred to the Chamber Board for final approval. These are summarized and sent to our delegation and/or commissioners.

If you would like to track any 2024 bills or testify, here is the link to register:

Below is a Breakdown of Bills the Committee is Reviewing in the 2024 Session (coming soon):

Bills the Committee is Reviewing in 2024

To stay on top of current bills and their status, please view the 2024 Bill Tracker.